Mud Pump Repairs

In addition to skillfully repairing mud pumps, we also do:

  • Made to order pump liners with nitrated finish
  • Made to order pump rods, repairs, spray weld/sleeve fits.
  • Bull gear repairs and fittings, M/COD True and Make Sized Bushings.
  • Drain plugs.
  • Rebushing of Pin Fits with 660 bronze bushings.
  • Made to order valve seats.
  • All types of junk rings in 660 Bronze.
  • Repair of and made to order jack shafts.
  • Made to order tapered cross head bolts.
  • Rebuilds of con rods in 660 bronze or zinc alloy ZA12.
  • Made to order pump shafts, reseal bearing fits and seal area.